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Self Check-In
& Check-Out

Streamlined check-in/check-out solution for hospitality and travel services

The challenges of self check-in /check-out


The Waiting Queue Syndrom

Have you ever experienced arriving in the hotel lobby and face a waiting queue of 1 hour? Traditionally, check-in and check-out are done at the hotel front desk but manual procedures such as verifying identity documents, booking numbers, filling-up the registration form, reviewing all the information about the reservation, getting the payments done and preparing the room key are administrative tasks that can take 10-15 minutes to be processed. As most guests arrive at the same time, current operational processes are slow and foster the creation of long lines. 

Frauds Are on the Rise

According to a 2020 global study, a typical hotel organization loses 5% of revenues in a given year as a result of fraud. More and more, hackers are targeting hotel/PMS platforms because there are valuable payment card information and large number of registered  guests. Sadly, on-line check-in processes are fostering hacking as there is no way to verify if it is the right guest who made the booking. Use of fraudulent credit cards to book and pay a hotel room becomes more and more common because perpetrators can also use counterfeited ID cards or driving licenses, defeating any manual checks made by the front-desk staff. 


Premier Kiosk

Premier Kiosk is a self check-in / check-out software solution that enables customers to self perform check-in/check-out tasks. In a regular scenario, customer enters the lobby and goes to self check-in kiosk. Customer then selects a fast check-in option by showing a booking QR to the kiosk, then performing a 3D facial verification and confirming the hotel reservation. Customer can finish the check-in by authorizong the credit card payment. Once done, customer just needs to put a blank room key onto the card reader to program the door key; or to tag the room key QR code  with her mobile wallet. Such process is completely automated and prevents fraudulent transactions by truly verifying the guest identity, verifying the ID card/passport data, stopping use of photos/videos/silicon masks, verifying the credit card validity and payment transaction.  

How Premier Kiosk
can help?


A frictionless experience

  • Just show a QR-code and  look at the camera to get your room key

  • Average check-in/check-out journey in 25 seconds

  • Possibility to use various mobile wallets


A premium level of security

  • Stop digital identity theft, stolen mobile wallet, PMS/POS hacking, false credit cards, false ID card/passport or even coupon fraud

  • 3D facial biometry technology fully resilient to photo and video presentation attacks


A wide choice of hardware

  • Multiple hardware options are available for the kiosk such as Windows/Android tablets (10, 12, 15, 23 inches), POSes, custom kiosks 

  • Depending on IT administration tools, standard MDM tools can be used to manage kiosks acrosss the organization sites


A cost-savy solution

  • Various licensing models including a fixed monthly device fee with unlimited transactions

  • Monthly subscription plans - harware kiosk included - available

  • Reduce number of front desk agents for administrative tasks 


An ethical solution

  • Compliant with strictest data privacy & protection laws (CNIL 2019-01, RGPD art. 25)

  • No biometric database, no authentication/identification server or service in the cloud


For a demo or 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Kiosk, please contact us.
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