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Secure & Automatic 
Self On-Boarding 

Bring self on-boarding and badge/ticket delivery services with 99.99% level of confidence

On-boarding is still a painful, unsafe & costly process

A painful & costly process

As of today, on-boarding mostly remains a process handled manually by registration agents. Despite the industry has implemented on-line on-boarding services, in most cases, there is still a registration agent verifying if your face matches approximately your portrait picture on your ID card/passport. The badge/ticket delivery step is particularly prone to create endless waiting queues.  

Such process is particularly ineffective when tens, hundreds or thousands of people must be on-boarded and get delivered there access badges/entry tickets in a short period of time, forcing the enterprise or event organizer to hire many registration agents to void endless wating queues, increasing drastically the security costs while altering the global security level. 


2D face check: weak level of trust

As of today, a vast majority of KYC/on-boarding services are using 2D facial biometry to perform individual verification with the user's ID card or passport picture. Despite these solutions ask the user to perform a selfie, reality shows that the liveness algorithms of these solutions are remarkbly weak and can be easily defeated by using photo/video deep fakes. A well-known fraud technique consists in morphing the face pictures of persons looking alike - aka the picture of the victim and the fraudster's one - to bypass the 2D facial check algorithm. 

Such major issue is intrinsic to the nature of 2D facial biometry and use of regular cameras which makes any 2D facial biometric systems easily spoofable and untrustable by design, unless 3D facial biometry is used.

Relying on mobile biometry: the worst!

A couple of identity services providers are now offering customers the choice of using their mobile device biometry to verify their identities at enrolment. The problem with this approach is that it is the User who is controlling the biometric enrolment, not the service provider. Therefore, if a bad guy steals and unlocks the user's mobile - there are more than 80 million mobile devices stolen per year - and re-enrolls with her own biometry, the identity service will not be able to detect if it is the right or wrong person.


Using mobile device manufacturer biometry is unreliable and cannot be used as a strong evidence of the user's identity.  


Premier Onboarding

Premier Onboarding is a solution that allows enterprises, IAMs or event organizers to on-board employees, partners or visitors and deliver access badges/entry tickets in an automatic and secure  way. 

The solution is first in the market to rely on legacy access systems, HR tools or event management solutions to register people with a single portrait picture and to self-deliver an access badge or entry ticket with an accuracy of 99.99% guaranteed, preventing access badges or entry-ticket exchanges. 

How Premier Onboarding can help?


A frictionless experience

  • Easy enrolment by using an email address and regular portrait picture

  • Just scan a registration QR to get the entry ticket or access badge

  • Fast delivery journey in seconds

  • No imposed gestures such as head moving, eyes blinking or alike

  • Works with all ethnical groups, independently of lighting conditions


A premium security

  • Perform facial verification at delivery time with an accuracy level of 99.99%
    (* FAR = 0.01% at FRR =0.00% measured with OneVisage's captured database, ranging from 35 to 70 centimeters distance from the camera with +/-30° Yaw angles)

  • Resilient to photo or video deep fake presentation attacks

  • No centralized biometric database, no authentication server: there's nothing to steal


A versatile architecture 

  • Ready-to-deploy delivery kiosks based on EloTouch I-Series tablets, EloTouch 3D webcam, EloTouch SE4107 QR code scanner 

  • Can support Windows 10/IoT, Linux hardware platforms

  • Can support various core CPU architectures including ARM v8-64, Intel x-86

  • Can support Structured Light (SL) and Time-of-Flight (ToF) 3D cameras 


A cost-savy solution

  • Various licensing models available, including per Kiosk/month or annual flat fee enterprise license 

  • No licensing keys server required

  • Fast customization & integration 

  • Very low deployment effort : plug kiosk electricity outlet and go !


An ethical solution

  • Biometric hash of 1K bytes that cannot be reverse-engineered

  • Registration biometric hash stored in QR code or in User's mobile device that complies with CNIL art. 7 - biometric template type 1 (France) and RGPD (Europe).

  • No biometric database, no authentication/identification server 


For a demo of Premier Onboarding, please contact us.
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