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KYC & On-Boarding 

Bring high level of trust when on-boarding new users

A fraudster may take only 15 minutes to
on-board with a fake identity

2D face check: weak level of trust


As of today, a majority of KYC/on-boarding services are using 2D facial biometry to perform a biometric verification with the User's ID card or passport picture. Despite these solutions ask the User to perform a selfie, reality shows that the liveness algorithms of these solutions are remarkbly weak and can be easily defeated by using a single photo or live video. Even worse, 2D face morphing tools can be used to make the 2D facial authentication algorithm believing it is the "right" person. 


Such major issue is intrinsic to the nature of 2D facial biometry and use of 2D cameras which makes any 2D facial solutions easily spoofable and unreliable by design.

Relying on mobile biometry: the worst!

A couple of identity services providers are now offering Customers the choice of using their mobile device biometry to verify their identities at enrolment. The problem with this approach is that it is the User who is controlling the biometric enrolment, not the service provider. Therefore, if a bad guy steals and unlocks the User's mobile - there are 80 million mobile devices stolen per year - and re-enrolls with her own biometry, the identity service wont' be able to detect it is the wrong person.


Using mobile device manufacturer biometry is unreliable and cannot be used as a strong evidence of the real User's identity.  

Image by NeONBRAND

Premier Face SDK

Premier Face SDK is a 3D facial authentication Software Development Kit that brings off-the-shelves 3D facial biometry/Face ID feature. As 3D facial biometry verifies if it is a real (3D) human face  and prevents photo or video deep-fake presentation attacks, Identity Service Providers can rely on Premier Face SDK to make the identity link between the digital and real worlds.


During the on-boarding, the Identity Service Provider will require the User to present herself in front of an kiosk/POS - or to optionally use her own 3D-camera enabled smartphone - to perform a live 3D face capture with Premier Face SDK. During that step, Premier Face SDK will extract a live 2D portrait picture out of the 3D capture. The live 2D portrait picture can then be compared to the ID card/biometric passport picture to attest this is the right person who is enrolling. 

How Premier
Face SDK can help?


A frictionless experience

  • Easy and contactless biometry experience

  • Average enrolment journey in 5 seconds

  • Average authentication journey in 1 second (*depends on hardware)

  • No imposed gestures such as smiling, face zooming or eyes blinking

  • Works with all ethnical groups, independently of lighting conditions


A premium security

  • 3D facial biometry technology fully resilient to photo and video presentation attacks

  • Configurable False Match Error ranging from 1 error in 10'000 to 1 million

  • No biometric database, no authentication server: there's nothing to steal


A versatile architecture 

  • Many hardware supported incl. smartphones, tablets, POSes, embedded systems ... 

  • Support various core CPU architectures including ARM v8-64, Intel x-86

  • Support Windows 10/IoT, Linux, Windows (MAC ask us).

  • Support various Structured Light and Time-of-Flight 3D cameras 


A cost-savy solution

  • Various licensing models available, including per User/month, per Device/month, per Enterprise/month

  • No specific/proprietary bionic chipset required

  • Fast-paced SDK integration: as low as 2 hours to implement enrolment & authentication 


An ethical solution

  • Biometric hash of 264 bytes that cannot be reverse-engineered

  • Biometric hash stored on User's device that complies with CNIL type 1, RGPD art. 25.

  • No biometric database, no authentication/identification server 


For a demo or 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Face SDK, please contact us.
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