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Face SDK

Ethical, universal 3D facial biometry software toolkit for integrators


3D facial authentication 
at your fingertips.

Premier Face SDK is a software development kit that enables 3D facial verification on any modern platforms and hardware. It supports a variety of Structured Light or Time-of-Flight depth cameras from various manufacturers. Thanks to depth cameras and OneVisage's technology, the toolkit is agnostic to the lighting conditions (including total darkness) and ethnical groups. The toolkit allows programming a threshold value to perform context-sensitive transactions and dynamically adapt the level of accuracy needed. 

Frictionless experience reinvented.

Just look 1 second at the kiosk, laptop or smartphone. That's all !

Ethical by design.
Compliant with all Data Privacy laws.

No biometric database, no identification server: Premier Face SDK is first in the market to provide an ethical 3D facial biometry authenticator that complies by design with the strictest data privacy & protection regulations, including CNIL 2019-001 template type 1 and GDPR. End-Users can eventually keep the control of their biometric prints.


Pushing the boundaries of
Presentation Attacks

100% resilient to photo/video presentation attacks at both enrolment and authentication.

It's all about universality.

Premier Face SDK runs on Windows 10/IoT, Linux and Android platforms* and supports x86, armv8-64 core architectures. 


From embedded systems with Single Board Computers to off-the-shelf kiosks like Elotouch to smartphones/tablets with built-in 3D camera, Premier Face SDK* brings a consistent authentication experience.


(*) In accordance with the platform and core architecture supported by the depth camera driver.


For a demo or 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Face SDK, please contact us.

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