Whats is Premier Face SDK?

A software development kit that enables 3D facial biometry on any electronic kiosks, payment terminals, ATMs, laptops, personal computers, Point of Sales or Access gates equipped with a 3D/depth camera.


Premier Face SDK is now production release 3.5.0

When Premier Face SDK should be used?

Premier Face SDK is recommended for enabling payments greater than 50 Euro/USD (PSD2 regulation), secure physical or logical access. To authenticate, User simply looks at the 3D camera without any gestures and gets authenticated in less than a second on most systems.


The kit can be combined with other authentication factors such as Premier Device SDK to bring two factors (2 FA) or higher. 

Key benefits

Windows 10, Linux, Android 7/8

Data Privacy: GDPR, CNIL, CCPA compliant

Fast enrolment (5-10 sec.) and authentication (1-2 sec.)

100% resilient to picture, video or 3D silicon mask attacks

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