Whats is Premier Face SDK?


A software development kit that enables 3D facial biometry on any electronic kiosks, payment terminals, ATMs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, Point of Sales or Access gates equipped with a 3D/depth camera.


Premier Face SDK is now production release 4.0.0

When Premier Face SDK should be used?

Premier Face SDK is recommended for enabling payments greater than 50 Euro/USD (PSD2 regulation), secure physical or logical access. To authenticate, User simply looks at the 3D camera without any gestures and gets authenticated in less than a second on most systems.


The kit can be combined with other authentication factors such as Premier Device SDK to bring two factors (2 FA) or higher. 


Key benefits

Windows 10/IOT, Linux, Android 

Data Privacy: GDPR, CNIL, CCPA compliant

Enrolment in 5 seconds, Authentication in1-2 seconds

100% resilient to picture, video or 3D silicon mask attacks

ZERO biased biometry, NO lighting conditions dependency