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Tram Driver

In-Cabin Driver Authentication

Secure and interaction-less driver authentication solution

The challenges of Driver Authentication

Weak, Uncontrolled Safety


Recent polls in the sea freight industry have showed that up to 30% of the workers such as krane drivers or handling equipment operators were not supposed to be there, nor did they have any valid driving licenses. Even worse, certain people were simply not employed by the company! The main problem with current driver authentication solutions is that they exclusively rely on NFC/RFID badges. Which approach exposes a major vulnerability that is called "the device authentication fallacy" which assumes that, if the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate, device or dongle is authenticated, then the holder of the device is somehow also authenticated. This is a completely false logic!

High Operating Costs

In average, enteprises must count with a yearly renewal of 15% of their badges. Recent european statisitics indicated that large enterprises are assigning a yearly budget for physical access that represents 15 to 20% of their operating costs. 


Premier Enterprise Access

Premier Enterprise Access is a 2-factor authentication software solution that can be configured to perform in-cabin driver authentication. The solution can use electronic/dematerialized badges and performs a 3D facial verification to truly verify the driver. The solution supports various hardware platforms, including most common IoT platforms and typically inform a centralized service if the right driver is operating the right engine at the right date/time. Premier Enterprise Access suits well for enterprises and large organizations who want addressing the needs of higher safety, frictionless experience, data privacy & protection compliance and cost savings.

How Premier Enterprise Access
can help?


A frictionless experience

  • Driver just drive, nothing else

  • No need to look at a display because there is no display

  • Works with all ethnical groups, independtly of lighting conditions

  • Various options such as Bluetooth, NFC/RFID badges or QR-codes


An entreprise-grade security

  • 2FA solution based on deterministic and probabilistic factors

  • 3D face biometry is fully resilient to photo, video and silicon mask presentation attacks

  • Configurable False Match Error ranging from 1 error in 10'000 to 1 million

  • No biometric database, no authentication server: there's nothing to steal


A versatile architecture 

  • 3D camera is installed in the cabin while IoT gateway can be installed outside the cabin  

  • Support various IoT gateways/modules such as Simatic IOT 2050

  • Support various Structured Light and Time-of-Flight 3D cameras 


A cost-savy solution

  • Eliminate manual/physical driver verification by agents

  • Eliminate plastic badges maintenance and renewal

  • Support standard hardware, optimizing reuse of legacy IoT gateways

  • Offer various licensing models, hardware and SLA included


An ethical solution

  • Compliant with strictest data privacy & protection laws

  • CNIL 2019_01 - article 7 - biometric template type 1

  • RGPD article 25


For a demo or 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Enterprise Access, please contact us.
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