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Easy and secure 2FA login solution for enterprises

 The challenges  of today's logical access


The problem with passwords, pin-codes, OTPs and PKIs

According to the WEF, 80% of breaches are now perpetrated from weak or stolen passwords, where nearly 50% of IT helpdesk costs of large companies are allocated to password resets. Use of passwords and pin-codes is insecure and at high risk for any organizations, experts predicting the total cost of cybercrime to exceed $ 10'000 billion by 2025.Despite the industry effort to bring 2-factor (2FA), criminal organizations can now  defeat 2FA OTP solutions by using various techniques, such as SIM-card swappping, real-time phishing or man-in-the-middle (MitM) phishing. Thinking that authenticating the User's device is somehow authenticating the User is a complete false statement!  

Painful UX 

According to experts, since 2017, business users have 200 or more credentials to manage. Managing all these passwords is time-consuming and very painful. Memorizing all of them is simply impossbile in practice and fosters a majority of users to select weak passwords, more than 85% admitting reusing the same passwords for various applications, mixing private and corporate services. 


Rising security costs

How many times have you heard that resetting a password is an insignificant task? On average, it costs a large enterprise $70 for a single password reset.  According to Forrester, the average annual password IT helpdesk spend in large business companies is over $1 million for staffing alone. Without taking into account the productivity lost of users left locked out from 5 to 30 minutes. 

Premier Enterprise Login

Roadmap H2 2022

Premier Enterprise Login is a 2 factor authentication software solution that is being developed and is planned for H2 2022. The solution will allow securely log in web applications of enterprises. The solution will be first to bring 2-factor authentication based on dematerialized badges and 3D facial verification.

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