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Passwordless Logins
for Enterprises

Easy and secure 2FA login solution for enterprises

The challenges of application logins


The problem with passwords, pin-codes, OTPs and PKIs

According to the WEF, 80% of breaches are now perpetrated from weak or stolen passwords, where nearly 50% of IT helpdesk costs of large companies are allocated to password resets. Use of passwords and pin-codes is insecure and at high risk for any organizations, experts predicting the total cost of cybercrime to exceed $ 10'000 billion by 2025.Despite the industry effort to bring 2-factor (2FA), criminal organizations can now  defeat 2FA OTP solutions by using various techniques, such as SIM-card swappping, real-time phishing or man-in-the-middle (MitM) phishing. Thinking that authenticating the User's device is somehow authenticating the User is a complete false statement!  

Painful UX 

According to experts, since 2017, business users have 200 or more credentials to manage. Managing all these passwords is time-consuming and very painful. Memorizing all of them is simply impossbile in practice and fosters a majority of users to select weak passwords, more than 85% admitting reusing the same passwords for various applications, mixing private and corporate services. 


Rising security costs

How many times have you heard that resetting a password is an insignificant task? On average, it costs a large enterprise $70 for a single password reset.  According to Forrester, the average annual password IT helpdesk spend in large business companies is over $1 million for staffing alone. Without taking into account the productivity lost of users left locked out from 5 to 30 minutes. 

Premier Keys

Roadmap 2023-2024

Premier Keys is a 2 factor authentication solution project that is being developed and planned to be production-ready in Q4 2024. The solution will allow securely log in your Windows, Linux or MAC OSX laptops and your enterprise applications. The solution will be first to bring 2-factor authentication based on an enterprise mobile application and 3D facial verification performed by a 3D webcam while complying with any data privacy & data protection laws. 

Willing to help us accelerating the development ?

If you are interested accelerating the development of Premier Keys, please contact us.
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