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3D graphical authentication software toolkit for on-line & Metaverse login.

3D graphical auth. for web login & the Metaverse

Premier Secret SDK is a software development kit that sorts out mobile-device free authentication when being on-line. The toolkit implements disruptive 3D graphical authentication and consists in selecting one or few "secret" objects in the right order in a 3D virtual wolrd. The toolkit can be combined with 3rd party behavioral biometrics to deliver 2FA authentication on-line experiences that are smartphone-free, password-free or pin code-free. 

is now a

Zero-effort on-line authentication through gamification. 

No memory effort
is the trick.

A 2017 scientific study indicates that people have a recall rate of 100% after one week (link to the study here) when using 3D graphical authentication.


3D graphical authentication  simply achieves higher usability and memorability than any alphanumerical authentication solutions.


From 6 to 18 digit-equivalent security

Premier Secret SDK can implement an infinite number of 3D virutal worlds, ranging from 10'000 to 1 million selectable object combinations. Additional security rules can be implemented by the application such as defining object semantic rules preventing the User selecting two times the same objects. 


As an example, selecting 3 objects in the right order in a 3D world containing 1 million selectable objects would provide a 3D graphical password space of 10 power 18 combinations (1 quintillion). It means it would take more than 15 years to find out the right conbinations, assuming that a fraudster is conducting a brute force attack with 2 billion attempts per second. As service providers would allow a timeout of 60 seconds maximum, it would make Premier Secret SDK pratically impossible to hack in the reality.    



For a demo or 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Secret SDK, please contact us.

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