Premier Enterprise Login

2 FA authentication OEM solution for secure web application login

Roadmap Summer 2022

Enterprise-grade security for access control.

Premier Enterprise Login is a FIDO2 authentication software solution that secures any web-based application logins in enterprise. The solution is first in the market to bring a 2-FA solution based on dematerialized badges authentication and local 3D facial verification performed either on the User's Personal Computer or User's mobile device. The solution supports Windows, Linux, MAC operating systems and, when configured in mobile mode, requires the smartphone or tablet to be 3D-camera enabled.


Premier Enterprise Login suits well enterprise and large organization who needs eradicating real-time/man-in-the middle phishing attacks, waling attacks, brute force attacks, SIM card swapping attacks, dark web password list attacks, while observing the strictest data privacy and data protection laws, including GDPR article 25, CCPA and CNIL 2019_01 - article 7 - template type 1.

A password, pin-code & phishing-free journey  

1. User visits the Application login page through the Browser

2. Browser sends out a device authentication request to Premier Enterprise Login client via CTAP protocol (e.g. via BLE)

3. Premier Enterprise Login client prompts User to perform a 3D face verification

4. User looks at 3D camera for 1 second

5. Premier Enterprise Login client returns a signed assertion to the Browser 

6. Browser relays the signed assertion to the Application relying party service

7. Application relying party service verifies the signed assertion

8. Application relying party grants access to the Application 

Benefits of 
Premier Enterprise Login


Alpha/Beta Testing

To participate to Premier Enterprise Login alpha & beta test pilots, please contact us.