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Strong 2 FA authentication OEM solution for securing application logins

Roadmap 2023-2024

Securing paswordless login by eliminating phishing attacks.

Premier Keys is a FIDO2 authentication solution project that will secure web-based application logins in enterprise. The main objective of Premier Keys is to eradicate man-in-the middle phishing attacks, waling attacks, brute force attacks, SIM card swapping attacks, MFA bombing, dark web password list attacks, while observing the strictest data privacy and data protection laws, including GDPR article 25, CCPA and CNIL 2019_01 (biometric template type 1).

A password, pin-code & phishing-free journey  

1. User visits the Application login page through the Browser

2. Browser sends out a 3D facial authentication request to Premier Keys mobile application via CTAP protocol (e.g. via BLE)

3. Premier Keys mobile application redirects 3D facial authentication request to 3D webcam plugged into laptop

4. User looks at 3D webcam 

5. Premier Keys mobile application returns a signed assertion to the Browser 

6. Browser relays the signed assertion to the Application relying party service

7. Application relying party service verifies the signed assertion

8. Application relying party grants access to the Application 

Benefits of 
Premier Keys


Co-building & Beta Testing

To participate to Premier Keys project and initial pilots, please contact us.
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