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Premier Access
Pack ID

Strong 2 FA authentication OEM solution for securing enterprise access control


Enterprise-grade security for access control.

Premier Access Pack ID is a 2 factor authentication software solution that secures access control for enterprises, corporates and large organizations. The solution is first to bring 2-factor authentication based on dematerialized badges and 3D facial verification. The solution supports various hardware platforms and is interoperable with multiple door readers/systems without requiring a technician to wire a single cable.


Premier Access Pack ID suits well enterprise and large organization needs for access control higher security, frictionless experience, data privacy & protection compliance and operating cost savings.

A contactless & hands-free access journey  

1. Biometric kiosk detects mobile application via Bluetooth (or NFC, QR)

2. Biometric kiosk securely reads User ID & biometric hash from mobile app.

2. User looks at kiosk 1-2 seconds to perform a local 3D facial verification

3. Kiosk sends verification result to mobile app. via Bluetooth Low Energy 

4. Mobile app. presents badge ID to door reader via Bluetooth Low Energy

5. Access Control system verifies badge authorization and opens door

Benefits of Premier Access Pack ID

A wide choice of hardware & platforms.


Biometric Kiosk Requirements

  • Platform: Single Board Computer, Industrial Tablet, Touchscreen Computer ...

  • OS: Linux, Windows 10/11/IoT, Android 10+

  • Display size: 6, 7, 10, 15 inches

  • CPU: x86 such as Intel i3/i5/i7, ARM v8-64 (recommended) such as Snapdragon 865 or alike

  • Connectivity: WiFi, 4G/5G, Ethernet

  • Contactless reader: Bluetooth 4.2 (min.), NFC/RFID reader (optional), QR-code reader (optional)

  • 3D cameras: SL or ToF sensors with 640x400 depth resolution

  • Temperature: 0° to +45° Celsius. Optional: -20 to +50° Celsius (ask us)

  • Power supply: 5V - 3A 

Enterprise Mobile Wallets


Pack ID by Orange Business Services - Android or iOS version



For a demo or 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Access Pack ID, please contact us.
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