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Premier Kiosk

Contactless 2FA authentication solution for self check-in/check-out kiosks


Enabling fast
in total security.

Premier Kiosk is a 2 factor authentication software solution that enables check-in / check-out transactions. The solution can initiate a check-in/check-out transaction be reading a reservation QR-code, establishing a Bluetooth Low Energy communication when standing close to the kiosk or by tapping a NFC/RFID badge or dematerialized card on mobile.

Premier Kiosk particularly suits well solution providers offfering check-in/check-out solutions for hospitality, travel, retail and healthcare services. Premier Kiosk distinguishes from alternatives in the market by offering premium security while complying with the strictest data privacy and data protection laws - including GDPR article 25, CCPA and CNIL 2019_01 - article 7 - template type 1 - where the Customer totaly controls her biometry.


Check-in/out is now a contactless & frictionless experience  

1. User presents a reservation QR-code, taps mobile to read a reservation via NFC or User's mobile communicates with kiosk via Bluetooth to read the reservation 

2. Kiosk reads User ID and biometric hash from mobile/QR-code

3. Optionally, User selects check-in/check-out methods on kiosk

4. User validates check-in/check-out information and payment

5. User looks 1 second at kiosk to perform a 3D face verification locally

6. Kiosk authenticates User

7. Kiosk sends out a request to reservation/payment service to validate the transaction

8. Kiosk confirms check-in/check-out transaction

A streamlined 
& secure experience.

Hospitality and travel services can now offer streamlined experiences.


For demo or 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Kiosk, please contact us.
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