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Fast & Secure Payments

2FA authentication solution for streamlined & secure payments

The challenges of today's payment


Slow & Cumbersome Process

Retail payments greater than 50 Euro remain slow and cumbersome as it takes 3 to 5 seconds to type-in a 6-digit code, where Customer needs to get her credit/debit card out of her wallet, put the card into the reader, type-in the pin code, remove the card and put the card back into the wallet. 

Weak Level of Security

Criminal organizations and fraudsters are now using improved techniques such as list of passwords/pin codes on the dark web, list of common weak passwords/pin codes, SIM card swapping, real-time/man-in-the middle phishing tools that can nowadays defeat nearly all common security solutions. Thinking you are not at risk because you are using 2 factor solutions like OTPs is a wrong statement. The paradigm "authenticating a device is somewhow authenticating the User" is just false and dangerous.


Premier Kiosk

Premier Kiosk is a 2-factor authentication software solution that secures consumer payments at merchant stores. The solution uses a mobile wallet and 3D facial verification to validate a transaction, using your mobile device as a determinsitic factor ("what I have") and your 3D face as a probabilistic factor ("who you are"). The mobile wallet can contain multiple loyalty cards to not only streamline the payment process but also to leverage the merchant services (fidelity points/bonuses, fast/VIP lanes, promo codes & coupons, ...).  

How Premier Kiosk
can help?


A frictionless experience

  • Easy and contactless: just look at the camera for 1 second

  • Authentication journey ranges from 1 to 3 seconds, depending on HW

  • No imposed gestures such as smiling, face zooming or eyes blinking

  • Works with all ethnical groups, independtly of lighting conditions

  • Various loyalty card reading schems like Bluetooth, NFC or QR scan


A premium level of security

  • 2FA solution based on deterministic and probabilistic factors

  • 3D facial biometry technology fully resilient to photo and video presentation attacks

  • Configurable False Match Error ranging from 1 error in 10'000 to 1 million

  • No biometric database, no authentication server: there's nothing to steal


A versatile solution for PSPs 

  • Multiple hardware options for the payment terminal (OS, display size, CPU ...) 

  • Wide choice of mobile wallet applications running on Android or iOS mobile devices

  • Works with any legacy MDM tools (no proprietary administration software)


A cost-savy solution

  • Various licensing models including per device monthly fee with unlimited transactions

  • Monthly subscription plans with harware kiosk included available

  • Reduce fraudulent transactions to pratically zero 


An ethical solution

  • Compliant with strictest data privacy & protection laws (CNIL 2019-01, RGPD art. 25)

  • No biometric database, no authentication/identification server or service in the cloud


For a demo or 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Kiosk, please contact us
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