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SDK Premier Face

Premier Face SDK

Enable enterprise-grade 3D facial authentication with depth cameras on nearly any hardware, any platform to deliver contactless experience with premium security & total data privacy.

Premier Device SDK

Identify mobile devices, e-badges, printed QR-codes through different contactless modes.

Premier Secret SDK

Eliminate passwords and pin-codes forever. Reinvent on-line authentication by gamifying the User Experience while eliminating cyberfrauds.


Speed-up with 2-FA solutions


Premier Enterprise OEM

Discover our universal and versatile
2-FA solution designed for physical and/or logical accesses. Provide unsurpassed User eXperience with enterprise-grade security.


Recommended for Tier-1 or Tier-2 services providers

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Use Cases

Solution #1


with your face

Solution #1

Pay with your face

Solution #3


Logical access

Solution #2


Physical access

Solution #4

Cryptowallet private key recovery



About us


OneVisage has been founded to preserve our digital identity and data privacy. Ethical biometry is simply in our DNA.

Christophe Remillet

Founder & CEO of OneVisage

From the beginning, OneVisage’s mission has been about truly protecting digital identities and giving back a total controls over their biometric data to End-Users.


The venture started from scracth in Spring 2014 upon receiving a research fund from the Swiss confederation to partner with ETH Zurich and University of Basel to develop the first 3D facial authentication solution running on mobile devices. A prototype was exhibited in February 2015 at Mobile World Congress (nearly 3 years before FaceID) where OneVisage received an amazing traction.


The company was registered as a Swiss corporation in 2016 and since that time, OneVisage is developing ethical, universal Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) technologies and white-labeled solutions that drastically eliminate digital identity theft and cyberattacks.


Media & Press

June 25, 2021

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This year's Cybertech awards features five Swiss Startups selected by industry experts. OneVisage enables ...

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May 14, 2020

Biometrics are widely expected to continue playing a major role in people gradually resume public interaction after weeks or months of doing everything remotely. As lockdowns around the world are eased...

Mars 17, 2020

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La startup OneVisage veut se passer des mots de passe que l’on connaît aujourd’hui. Reconnaissance faciale 3D ou encore principe de gamification, elle a de nombreuses idées.

November 26, 2019

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Worldline, the European market leader in payment and transaction services has awarded OneVisage the grand prize in its e-payments Challenge. As part of the prize, OnveVisage, the provider of 3D software authentication solutions...


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