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Since 2013, OneVisage enables financial services, cyber-security and digital identity management solutions providers and integrators to deliver greater and safer digital user-experience to consumer and corporate markets. Enabling billions of people accessing digital services in an enjoyable, secure and cost-effective way is now a reality.

1.1 Billion

Number of identities exposed in 2016

$ 6 Trillion

Estimated worldwide cost of cyber-crimes by 2021

5.7 Billion

Number of smartphones by 2021.


Estimated average credentials owned by Americans in 2021.


Enlarge Your Customer Base

Don’t wait years for bringing 3D facial biometry to your customers: address more than 3 billion mobile device owners today.  Offer the same, seamless user experience to all your customers, regardless of their mobile devices or platforms.

Reduce Cyber-Frauds

Prevent cyber-frauds and identity thieves by using strong multi-factor solutions, including best-of-breed biometric mean such as 3D facial recognition. Ensure premium digital trust with false match error as low 1 in 1 million or even lower (please ask us).

Meet Compliance & Data Privacy Needs

Comply with GDPR regulations and observe strict, transparent data privacy. Use Swiss technology and void being held account for any 3rd party organizations.


Premier Face SDK

  • 3D facial authentication
  • False Match: up to 1 error in 10’000
  • Support +3 B mobile devices (RGB camera with 1 MP)
  • Available on: Android 6.0+ / iOS 10+
  • Prerequisites: modern devices (with ARM V8 64 bits core)

Premier Secret SDK

  • 3D graphical authentication
  • False Match : 1 error in 1 Million or lower
  • Support 100% of graphical display enabled devices
  • Available on: Android 6.0+ (alpha release 0.4)
  • Prerequisites: modern devices (with ARM V8 64 bits core)


World Premiere: OneVisage announces Premier Secret, outperforming 1 error in 1 billion on any mobile devices with no password or pin-code

May 31st, 2018|

OneVisage to unveil Premier Secret, a new disruptive mobile authentication modality using 3D graphical authentication to be demonstrated at Money 20/20 Europe on OneVisage booth [...]


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