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Revolutionizing Employee On-boarding: OneVisage announces World Premiere of Secure & Automated Badge Issuance Solution in partnership with Orange Business at Vivatech 2024

Paris, May 23rd 2024 – OneVisage and Orange Business proudly  showcase the world premiere of its ground-breaking Premier Onboarding solution, setting a new standard for secure and fast on-boarding processes. This innovative solution not only ensures seamless access badge issuance but also incorporates cutting-edge 3D facial authentication technology, setting it apart as the first of its kind in the market.

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of data privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CNIL in France, our solution provides organizations with a secure and compliant method for on-boarding new employees, visitors and partners in seconds.” said Christophe Remillet, CEO at OneVisage. By automating the badge issuance process, OneVisage and Orange Business eliminates the risk of human error, avoid lengthy queues and ensures that access credentials are delivered promptly and securely to new hires or visitors.

What sets the  solution apart is its integration of a state-of-the-art time-of-flight sensor for 3D facial authentication. This advanced technology enhances security by providing an extra layer of identity verification and deep-fake detection, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and identity fraud. With 3D facial authentication, employees, visitors, partners can seamlessly access secured areas without the need for physical badges, making the process both convenient and secure.

"We are thrilled to introduce the world's first secure on-boarding and fully automated badge issuance solution, compliant with the strictest data privacy regulations," said Claude Foullon, Security Practice Director at Orange Business.

"As part of the value proposition, the integration capacity and expertise brought by Orange Business allows us to deliver a highly versatile solution that can adapt quickly, with low integration effort, to legacy enterprise environments, comprising API interfaces, connectivity, remote management, IoT data federation and many more.


Key features of Premier Onboarding solution include:

  • Automated Badge Issuance: Streamline the on-boarding process with automated badge issuance in 10-30 seconds, avoiding queues, reducing administrative burden and ensuring compliance with any data privacy regulations.

  • 3D Facial Authentication: Enhance security with advanced 3D facial authentication technology, leveraging a time-of-flight sensor for accurate, photo or video spoof-proof and reliable identity verification.

  • Compliance with strictest Data Privacy Regulations: Ensure compliance with the GDPR and CNIL in France, protecting employee data and privacy rights throughout the on-boarding process.

  • High Integration Capacity & Architecture Versatility: Ensure fast deployment and low integration in your legacy IT and access control environment through APIs interfacing and off-the-shelves solutions such as LiveObjects to federate IoT device logs or Pack ID to enable virtual badges on smartphones.


Premier Onboarding solution represents a significant advancement in the field of employee and visitor on-boarding and access management, combining security, compliance, and convenience in one comprehensive platform.

For organizations seeking to modernize their on-boarding processes and enhance security measures, Orange Business and OneVisage offer a unique solution.

To learn more about Premier Onboarding and schedule a demo, visit us at #VivaTech 2024 event in Paris May 22-25, booth G12 (Orange) or D28 (Renault Group).n.


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