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Strong MFA enrolment OEM solution for automating and securing badge/ticket delivery


Providing on-boarding or KYC services but in a secure way.

Nowadays, there are many on-line KYC/on-boarding services avalaible in the market which can verify the user's personal data, postal address, age, birth date, ID card/passport and many more. However, when comes the time to perform a biometric verification, most of these solutions are either performing a simple 2D portrait picture check or asking a remote agent to verify the user's face and ID card's picture via a web conference. Such 2D selfie picture check is, from a cybersecurity perspective, remarkbly unreliable and inaccurate as it is nowadays very easy to fraudsters to bypass it in minutes by using deep fake photos or videos, counterfeting ID cards, morphing 2D pictures, creating fake social network accounts, just to quote few common hacking techniques.  

The solution is to perform a strong biometric verification that cannot be spoofed: when user will present herself for the first time in front of a self check-in kiosk or payment terminal, Premier On-Boarding will verify if the 2D portrait picture taken matches with an estimated 3D face model generated by an AI algorithm and perform a true 3D facial verification in parallel. As the 3D facial verification cannot be spoofed by using photo, video or silicon mask deep fake techniques, Premier On-Boarding is first in the market to enable legacy KYC/on-boarding services delivering digital identities with very high level of trust. 

A streamlined sign-in experience  

1. Biometric kiosk detects mobile application via Bluetooth (or NFC, QR)

2. Biometric kiosk securely reads User ID & biometric hash from mobile app.

2. User looks at kiosk 1-2 seconds to perform a local 3D facial verification

3. Kiosk sends verification result to mobile app. via Bluetooth Low Energy 

4. Mobile app. presents badge ID to door reader via Bluetooth Low Energy

5. Access Control system verifies badge authorization and opens door

Benefits of 
Premier On-Boarding

A wide choice of hardware & platforms.


Biometric Kiosk Requirements

  • Platform: Single Board Computer, Industrial Tablet, Touchscreen Computer ...

  • OS: Linux, Windows 10/11/IoT, Android 10+

  • Display size: 6, 7, 10, 15 inches

  • CPU: x86 such as Intel i3/i5/i7, ARM v8-64 (recommended) such as Snapdragon 865 or alike

  • Connectivity: WiFi, 4G/5G, Ethernet

  • Contactless reader: Bluetooth 4.2 (min.), NFC/RFID reader (optional), QR-code reader (optional)

  • 3D cameras: SL or ToF sensors with 640x400 depth resolution

  • Temperature: 0° to +45° Celsius. Optional: -20 to +50° Celsius (ask us)

  • Power supply: 5V - 3A 

Enterprise Mobile Wallets


Pack ID by Orange Business Services - Android or iOS version



For a demo or 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Access Pack ID, please contact us.
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