What is Premier Device SDK?

A software development kit that identifies a device such as a mobile device/wallet, electronic badge, printed QR-code, boarding pass. The kit offers different identification means comprising device pairing via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ultrasound or data-matrix code. 

Premier Device SDK will be available in Q4 2020

When Premier Device SDK should be used ?

Premier Device SDK is recommended for mid-high value payments, physical access or logical accesses. It is commonly used as a first authentication factor to read a unique device identifier that allows to retrieve a User ID and perform a 3D facial biometric check in a second step. Depending on the device identification mode selected, the kit may also exchange data between the device (mobile, e-badge) and the host (payment terminal, e-kiosk, e-gate, laptop …) in a safely manner.

Key benefits

Windows 10, Android, iOS

Multi-contactless device identification modes: Bluetooth LE, Ultrasound or QR-code

Off-line or On-line mode

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