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Payment journey in seconds

ZERO Touch, ZERO Gestures

Total data privacy & protection

Protecting End-Users with Mid-High Value Transactions on Billion Devices

OneVisage offers best-in-class authentication solutions to OEM integrators to secure any mid-high value transactions, protect confidential data or valuable assets by eliminating identity theft and counterfeiting. Our Premier SDKs are platform and hardware agnostic and have been designed for total data privacy and protection, enabling digital service providers to gain GDPR, PSD2 compliance. 

Easy, friction-less enrolment and authentication in seconds

Premium security and spoofing resilience

Truly universal on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

Total Data Privacy & Protection, GDPR compliance

Use Cases

Our Premier SDKs offer a comprehensive suite of single or multiple strong authentication factors that can address all verticals and businesses.

Multi-Factor Authentication Reinvented

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions help to reduce cyber-fraud and risk. OneVisage has developed a comprehensive suite of strong authentication Software Development Kits (SDKs) that fits in any MFA solutions, independently of any hardware or platform.

Premier Face SDK for Windows 10/Linux

Seamless User-Experience on any e-Kiosks, Payment Terminals, Laptops

Premier Face SDK for Windows 10/Linux is a software kit that enables any electronic kiosks, payment terminals, ATMs, laptops, personal computers, Point of Sales and access gates equipped with a 3D/depth camera with 3D facial biometry. To validate a payment, physical or logical access, End-User just needs to look at the 3D camera less than a second to get authenticated with a bank-grade security level. The kit can be combined with other authentication factors or technologies such as QR-code or mobile device ultrasonic proximity detection to bring 2 FA or higher. 

The kit can be configured in client mode or server mode while being 100% GDPR compliant and has been designed to deliver premium resilience to any picture, video or 3D silicon mask presentation attacks to protect any mid-high-value transactions or valuable assets.

Key Benefits

+ Simple & Fast authentication
+ High accuracy: up to 1 error in 10’000
+ Spoof-proof to Photo, Video or 3D Silicon Mask
+ Windows 10, Linux
+ Standard 3D camera: Orbbec, Intel …
+ Client mode (FIDO UAF style) or Server mode

Premier Face SDK for Mobile

Enabling 3D Facial Biometry on Billion Devices

Premier Face is a software kit that turns any mobile device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC – or even embedded system equipped with a regular 2D/RGB or depth camera into a universal Face ID. To authenticate, the End-User just makes a short video selfie without any imposed gestures/movements.

The kit uses best-in-class machine learning algorithms developed in partnership with leading computer vision universities, ETH Zurich and University of Basel, and has been designed to deliver high-precision performances and total data privacy to secure mid-high-value transactions.

Key Benefits

+ Simple & Fast authentication
+ High accuracy: up to 1 error in 10’000
+ Spoof-proof to Photo, Video or 3D Silicon Mask
+ Android 6.0+, iOS 11.0+
+ Client mode (FIDO UAF style) or Server mode

Premier Secret SDK

Eliminating Passwords, Pin-codes and OTPs

Premier Secret is a software kit that performs 3D graphical authentication and totally eliminates passwords or pin-codes on any platform (Android, iOS or HTML browser). To authenticate, the End-User simply selects one or few secret objects/figures in a 3D virtual world.

The kit introduces for the first time the concepts of gamification and long-memory recall. Thanks to three-dimensional worlds, it proposes thousands of combinations for 1 secret, enabling high digital entropy equivalent to long passwords by only using 2 or 3 secret objects. 

Key Benefits

+ Zero-Memory Effort & Fast authentication
+ Digital entropy equivalent/superior to passwords
+ Anti-shoulder surfing attack
+ Android 6.0+, iOS 11.0+, HTML browser (ask us)
+ Client mode (FIDO UAF) or Server mode

Premier ID SDK

Premium Authentication for High-Value/Mission Critical Transactions

Premier ID is a software kit that transforms any mobile device into a very strong, multi-factor authentication solution, starting with a false match error of 1 error in 1 billion.

Come & See the future of strong authentication at MONEY 2020 EUROPE – 3-5 June 2019 in Amsterdam.

Key Benefits

+ Simple & Fast MFA
+ Swiss-grade security starting from 1 error in 1 billion
+ Extreme spoofing resilience
+ Android 6.0+, iOS 11.0+, HTML browser (ask us)
+ Client mode (FIDO UAF) or Server mode


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Viva Technology 2019 – Short Pitch by Praveen Gajjala

2511, 2019

Worldline’s e-Payments Challenge presents winners and smart new solutions to solve the payment challenges of tomorrow

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