At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Orbbec and OneVisage® announce a partnership to address the accelerating market needs of 3D facial biometry.


February 25, 2019 – Orbbec, an internationally renowned silicon chip backed 3D camera company, and OneVisage, the leading 3D software authentication company and inventor of 3D facial biometry running on mobile devices, announced today a partnership to provide premium OEM 3D facial biometry modules and solutions to the authentication market.

Orbbec Astra’s depth cameras based on structured light technology enable OneVisage’s 3D facial technology to smoothly and accurately authenticate users facing the camera. This is the first demonstration of 3D facial technology that efficiently combines depth and color information to perform a full 3D facial authentication, breaking grounds for 3D camera addressable use cases.

Orbbec is well known for having the largest suite of 3D cameras on the market, and working with OneVisage will help Orbbec as we grow in the area of facial identification, which will allow for practical uses such as detailed facial and body scanning, close range SLAM, and more.” said Agnes Zheng, Director of Sales, Orbbec.

We are proud to partner with Orbbec and raise the bar of authentication to address the needs for friction-less, secure, multi-channel and versatile OEM B2B solutions. By combining Orbbec and OneVisage technologies into an OEM 3D facial authentication kit, we are giving for the first time the capability to many sectors – such as e-commerce, automative, retail, corporates or health – to benefit of 3D facial biometry in a simple, independent and cost-effective way. 3D facial biometry is not limited to mobile devices only, and we foresee that technology impacting all verticals and platforms.” said Christophe Remillet, CEO of OneVisage.

3D facial technology running on regular mobile devices has been unveiled by OneVisage at MWC 2015 and adoption has been validated by mobile device manufacturers since 2017. Now, it’s time for 3D camera manufacturers and 3D facial authentication providers to accelerate 3D facial biometry adoption in the market, by emphasizing faster, simpler, safer authentication journeys than current 2D facial recognition solutions. Both consumer and commercial market revenues of 3D cameras is expected to reach $ 120 Billion by 2026.” says Praveen Gajjala, Business Development Director, OneVisage.

At MWC 2019, Orbbec will show a demonstrator of Astra Mini S combined with Premier Face SDK running on Windows 10 platform, illustrating possible 3D facial authentication use cases in interactive terminals, kiosks, corporate logical access, Windows logon, car driver authentication and many more.

Visit Orbbec at MWC 2019 – Hall 7 – booth M34 or feel free to organize a meeting by sending an email at or


About Orbbec

Orbbec is a leading 3D sensor camera that supplies Fortune 500 enterprises with technology to meet user needs while revolutionizing the importance and use of 3D cameras in everyday life. The sleek design which gives global companies just what they need works as the smallest, fastest, and highest resolution 3D camera available.


About OneVisage

OneVisage® is a leading cyber-security company headquartered in Switzerland that enables OEM hardware & software integrators to drastically reduce identity theft while maintaining friction-less user-experience. Our Premier software toolkits offer a comprehensive range of authentication solutions that suit the needs of mid-value to military-grade transactions, while offering superior versatility, universality and data privacy. OneVisage® has been awarded PwC SecTech 2018, Top-100 Swiss Fintech Startups 2018 & 2017, Edison Awards 2016 – ICT Security Gold medal, Red Herring 2015 Top 100 Europe, CTIA Startup Lab 2015 – Identity Management Winner. OneVisage® is Innosuisse and Swiss Made Software certified, member of the FIDO alliance and European Association for Biometrics (EAB) associations.


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