What is Premier Secret SDK?


A software development kit that performs 3D graphical authentication. At enrolment, User selects one or few secret objects in a 3D virtual world. To authenticate, User simply selects the same secret objects in the right order.​

Premier Secret SDK is currently available as a demonstrator.

When Premier Secret SDK should be used?

Premier Secret is recommended every time the User has to type in a password, pin-code, passphrase or one-time password, and more particularly, when the User has to be identified on-line with a high-level of confidence. The kit can also be used to replace challenge-response test such as captcha.  ​

Our kit introduces for the first time the concepts of gamification and long-memory recall, enabling service providers to disrupt the digital experience of their customers. ​


Key benefits

Gamified User Experience

Totally eliminates passwords | PIN codes

Zero memory effort

Equivalent to pin-codes from 6 to 18 digits