Solution for Physical Accesses

Premier Login OEM

The login experience reinvented  

Nowadays, most of Employees have hundreds of credentials to manage: memorizing all these passwords is simply impossible and most of us reuse the same passwords to access both company and private applications.  With Premier Login OEM, you can now provide an off-the-shelf OEM solution that protect sensitive corporate applications, data, services or servers that totally eliminates passwords and pin-codes.
Swiss Security

Swiss-grade security 2-FA solution at application and laptop login that relies on device identification and 3D facial biometry authentication.

Total Data Privacy

Zero biometrty database storage or authentication performed in the cloud.  Premier Login OEM complies with strictest data privacy regulations such as CNIL, GDPR or CCPA.

Zero Password/Pin

Ease the Employee UX by totally eliminating passwords and pin-codes . Tap or approach your badge/mobile and look at the 3D camera: that's all !


Works on modern laptops with Windows or Linux OS. Just install a 3D camera on top of your laptop and the Premier Login Client application (by IT admin).

Premier Access OEM securely unlocks

any industry businesses.


Premier Access OEM includes 3D facial biometric check that works regardless of skin colors, ethnical groups and genders.

The solution can also learn with your style changes and update your 3D facial biometric profile over time.


Premier Access OEM is agnostic to the lighting conditions and runs in total darkness or strong sunlight.

User interaction is natural for most people from 140 cm to 200 cm at a distance range of 50-70 cm, depending on the 3D camera model selected.


Premier Access OEM works on nearly any hardware, including embedded systems, NUC boards, standard tablets, POS or alike.

The solution can run on Windows 10, Windows for IoT, Linux or Android platforms and interfaces with door control modules through OSDP protocol.


Premier Access OEM observes the FIDO UAF approach and complies with the strictest data privacy & data protection regulations, comprising the CNIL in France or RGPD in Europe.

The User biometric template remains stored on the User's device (badge, SIM card, mobile...) and 3D facial verification is only performed in the gate module.

Swiss Trust. Premium Security.

Premier Access OEM can have different configuration schemes, where FAR can be programmed from 1 error in 10'000 to 1 Million, depending on the User Experience, level of security and accuracy needs. The solution protects you against any photo, video and 3D professional silicon mask presentation attacks.

up to 99.99%
True Acceptance Rate
up to
1:1 Million
False Acceptance Rate
Spoof Acceptance Rate