Premier Face FIDO Client

FIDO2 platform 3D facial authenticator 
Zero Friction

Just look at the 3D camera regardless of the lighting conditions or ethnical group.

Enroll in 5 seconds and authenticate in 1second.

Zero liveness actions required such as head moves, eyes blinking, face smiling or face zooming. 

Total Data Privacy

Zero centralized database. Premier Face SDK is first in the market to provide a full client-edge 3D facial biometry authentication approach that complies by design with the strictest data privacy & protection regulations such as CNIL, GDPR or CCPA.
Swiss-Grade Security

Premier Face SDK brings context-sensitive security levels, ranging yet from 1 error in 10'000 to 1 million with a False Rejection Rate being practically zero. The toolkit is totally resilient to photo or video, deep fake presentation attacks at both enrolment or authentication.

Universality & Versatility

Get rid of proprietary and expensive hardware ! Premier Face SDK runs on Windows 10/IoT, Linux, Android or iOS and is agnostic to nearly any hardware platforms. Premier Face SDK supports various depth cameras such as Sony, Orbbec, ST MicroElectronics.  

Premier Face SDK is your primary or secondary factor to unlimited use cases


Premier Face SDK works regardless of skin colors, ethnical groups and genders.

The solution can also learn with your style changes  and update your 3D facial biometric profile over time.


Premier Face SDK is agnostic to the lighting conditions and can run in total darkness.

User interaction is natural for most people from 140 cm to 200 cm at a camera distance of 30 to 80 cms (10 to 32 inches) , depending on the 3D camera model selected.


Premier Face SDK runs on nearly any hardware, including payment terminals, POS, embedded systems, standard mobiles/tablets, laptops or alike.

The SDK supports Windows 10/IoT, Linux or Android  (iOS: ask us) platforms and various 3D camera vendors.

Reinventing frictionless experiences

Present your NFC/dematerialized badge and look at the kiosk. That's all !

Pushing the boundaries of Presentation Attacks 

Total resilience to any photo or video deep-fake presentation attacks.

Downloads & Brochure

For a 30-day FREE evaluation of Premier Face SDK, please contact us: