Physical Access for Enterprises

Frictionless, secure and cost-effective door access solution for enterprises
Leaving the Metro Station

The challenges of today's physical accesses
Low-Level of Security

Every year, badges are lost, stolen or even exchanged between employees. In addition, some NFC/RFID badge solutions can be duplicated with low efforts.
As a matter of fact, badges just allow to verify "what you have" but do not tell you "who you are".

High Operating Costs

In average, enteprises must count with a yearly renewal of 15% of their badges. Recent european statisitics indicated that large enterprises are assigning a yearly budget for physical access that represents 15 to 20% of their operating costs. 

Low Interoperability

In practice, door system manufacturers do not offer any interoperability, nor do they provide open Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs). Furthermore, some readers have been certified by national agencies (e.g. ANSSI in France) which prevent any door reader software changes.

Complexity of Visitors

Managing visitors remains a manual process for many enterprises. Typically, visitors must check in at the reception by presenting their ID card, indicating who they are visiting, signing off a form at arrival and returning their badge to the desk when exiting. 

Premier Enterprise OEM, a 2-factor dematerialized approach for physical accesses 

1. Biometric kiosk detects mobile app. and reads biometric hash via Bluetooth (or QR-code)
2. User looks at kiosk to perform a 3D facial verification
3. Kiosk sends verification result to mobile app. via Bluetooth 
4. Mobile app. presents badge ID to door reader via Bluetooth
5. Door system verifies badge authorization and opens door

A frictionless & contactless experience

Look at the kiosk for 1 second and pass the gate. That's all !

Your Premier Enterprise OEM benefits


Premium Security

2-FA incl. 3D facial biometry
Resilient to photo attacks
Resilient to video attacks
Resilient to silicon mask attacks


Frictionless UX

No plastic badge to hold & tap
One app, multiple services
No specific or imposed gesture
Get authenticated in 1 second

Coin Trick


Keep your legacy doors system
Keep your legacy MDM 
Void handling plastic badges
Reduce security agents


Manage Visitors

Enrol only once via mobile app
QR-code for unfrequent visitors
Pass cannot be reused


High Interoperability

Door readers STID, Fichet ... 
Various kiosk hardware options
Windows/Linux/Android kiosk


Data Privacy & Protection

ZERO biometry database
1 to 1 verification only 
RGPD article 25
CNIL template type 1

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