World Premiere: OneVisage announces Premier Secret, outperforming 1 error in 1 billion on any mobile devices with no password or pin-code

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OneVisage to unveil Premier Secret, a new disruptive mobile authentication modality using 3D graphical authentication to be demonstrated at Money 20/20 Europe on OneVisage booth (#J44) and Crédit Agricole Payment Services booth (#G80).

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – May 31st, 2018 – OneVisage, the award-winning and leading 3D facial authentication company will demonstrate for the first time its new Premier Secret authentication method using 3D graphical authentication at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam (4-6 June), Europe’s largest fintech event.

It is now an evidence that passwords and pin codes no longer fit cyber-security requirements. A strong biometric authentication, even a highly secured one like 3D face, cannot be a sole mean to address 100% of individuals in a highly secured way. Some challenges will always persist, such as people looking alike, identical twins, people with weak/no fingerprints and other. Today when biometric fails, systems are asking to enter a pin code which brings back to security holes and hassles” says Christophe Remillet, CEO of OneVisage.

The combination of 3D facial verification and 3D graphical authentication not only brings a new level of security for mid-to-high value transactions on any mobile devices but also enables a brand new user-experience. “According to latest online surveys, American end-users will own more than 300 credentials by 2021. Memorizing and managing all these passwords and pin codes is highly cumbersome. Premier Secret has been designed to exactly remove such pain. It transforms strong authentication into an enjoyable experience while drastically increasing security.” adds Ygor Lutz, Advisor at OneVisage.

OneVisage will unveil Premier Secret concept during the Money 20/20 Europe Keynote announcement by Christophe Remillet and Kelly Richdale on Monday 4th of June at 4.50 pm at the Lion’s Dent stage. OneVisage will showcase various integrations and demo applications of 3D Facial Verification and 3D Graphical Authentication technologies on OneVisage booth (#J44) and Crédit Agricole Payment Services booth (#G80), including 3D facial modality integrated in Crédit Agricole Payment Services’ mobile banking demonstrator used to validate any mobile payments or refill connected watches with payment tokens.

To set up a meeting at Money 20/20 Europe 2018 or for all general information inquiries, please send an email at or call us: +41 21 566 70 55.

About OneVisage
OneVisage® develops unique 3D facial biometrics and 3D graphical authentication software solutions working on +3B smartphones, enabling large financial services, identity management and cyber-security integrators drastically reducing cyber-fraud and identity theft.

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